About Us

The new look Bakadaji Hotel is a trendy four-star hospitality outfit, environmentally friendly and ideally located along the main Bertil Harding Highway. Named after Bakadaji – a small village located in the Central River Region and home of the late Mr Ebrima Njie, the original proprietor and the father of the current Managing Director of the new and trendy property. The new look Bakadaji Hotel is a valuable addition to the emerging stock of new-generation trendy and environmentally friendly hospitality outfit, located in the heart of the Tourism Development Area and a stone’s throw from the popular Senegambia Strip. As such the property features all the best and innovative ideas in hospitality and a top-notch environmentally friendly hotel to feature a dedicated sewage treatment plant. This will enable the property to reuse 70% of the treated water in-house, whilst the other 30% will be used in the garden.  All with a view to ensure that the hotel is one of the most environmentally friendly hotels, a key ingredient of green and sustainable tourism. Indeed, the new look Bakadaji Hotel is your home away from home.

The Managing Director – Mr Bunama Njie has over 30 years of experience in hospitality and cut his teeth as one of the best hoteliers in town. “Our main objective is to be the most guest-friendly and environmentally compliant hotel that adopts green and environmentally friendly technologies in our operations. The affluent market is tired of going on a beach holiday; they want more. They want their holidays to have a purpose, to relax, to eat well and, if possible, to explore wellness in environmentally friendly settings. This is our inspiration, and at the new look Bakadaji Hotel, we will try to give life-changing experiences to our guests through our vast array of products and services. We, therefore, aim to appeal to a broader clientele,” Buna, as he is fondly called, explained. A warm welcome awaits you!